The seed for KIDS WORLD was sown on the Auspicious Day of Vijayadashami in 2009. The vision was to build and nurture a good childhood with abundance of love and care for those in and around the area of Medavakkam. It was well-received by many well wishers and parents.

The journey started with 8 day care and play group children at a small and beautiful home. With lots of appreciation and motivation from parents, staff and well-wishers, extra-curricular activities were included to provide diverse skill sets for children to enjoy their childhood.

We introduced Bharatanatyam, Western Dance, Carnatic Music, Abacus, Chess, Yoga, drums, eyboard, Art&Crafts, drawing etc., During our journey, between 2009 and 2012 we enjoyed our service by extending our loving caring hands for 100 under-privileged children of laborer’s, who were put up at Isha Yara Homes, medavakkam. This service was most full-filling by the sheer ability to bring in a change to the society.

It also quenched our thirst do social service. To add professionalism to our service, in 2012-2013 we obtained Montessori certification which provided the platform to offer Pre-School guidance with lots of activity based learning as this may eventually blossom the creative and innovative skills of all the children.

This was backed with huge investment on playground, play things, toys, tool-kits and assets to provide the required base for activity based learning with fun. We also moved from a small place to very spacious school where we are today. We opened a new branch at Sivagami Nagar in 2012 to extend our service. With the massive support the neighborhood student have been enrolling themselves in large numbers for Bharatanatyam, classical music, western dance etc., since 2014.

We have also launched the much awaited chess classes. Adding feather to the cap we started 2 Branches at Bhell nagar in 2015 to enhance our reach and become closer to kids and parents. I feel proud to say that these 2 branches are well equipped with Outdoor play area. The play area has Swing, Merry go round, and Slides. Our kids are now kept active both physically and mentally in a hygienic, very well ventilated environment. At present we offer day care, play group, Montessori Pre School services to about 200 children. We look forward for your continued encouragement, care, and motivation and support.